Furniture Leg Plates (Sofa/Table/Couch) - 5/16 Heavy Duty

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Product Information:

These plates are made of highest quality materials. HEAVY DUTY - Made of 12 GAUGE Galvanized Steel.
Ideal for Sofas, Tables, Ottomans, Bookshelves, Loveseats, Couches and more.
You can repair broken legs, reinforce weak furniture or install new legs on something you've had for a long time.


1. Materials Made - Galvanized Steel
2. Fit Most Furniture Legs
3. Mounting Screws Included
4. Standard Size (5/16 Inch Threaded Hole)


1. Material Made: 12 GAUGE HEAVY DUTY Galvanized Steel
2. Qty: SET OF 4
3. Size: 2 - in wide by 2 -in long by 1/4 - in deep
4. Hole Size: 5/16 Inch Threaded Hole

Package Includes:

1. SET OF 4(SIZE: 2 - in wide by 2 -in long by 1/4 - in deep. Hole Size: 5/16)

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