Shower Curtain Hooks/Rings - Stainless Steel

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Product Information:

LIFETIME GUARANTEE - These hooks are made of highest quality materials.
Great choice for a contemporary look.
Free-gliding actions - move your shower curtain with ease.
Polished Natural Stainless Steel Look.
With enclosed hooks, your shower curtains will always be securely attached.
These hooks will not rust or stain.
These hooks are not coated to look good - they are polished and finish will not crack.


1. Materials Made - Stainless Steel
3. Fits most shower curtain rods
4. Will not rust


1. Material Made: Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel - (Grade 304)
2. Qty: SET OF 12
3. Size: 2.71-in (69mm) x 1.53-in (39mm)
4. Color: Silver

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